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Special Olympics Collier County needs assistant coaches

Special Olympics Collier County needs assistant coaches for cycling, tennis, track & field and soccer for the 2013 season

DATES: 5 January 2013 to 19 May 2013

DAYS OF PRACTICE AND TIMES: Every Saturday 9:30–11:00 am (There will be some Saturdays where there will be no practice due to holidays and other school commitments).

LOCATION: Golden Gate High School, 2925 Titan Lane, Naples 34116.

COMPETITION DATES: 2 March 2013 County Games at GGHS 8:00 am-2:00 pm. Coaches are expected to be at games.

6 April 2013 day trip to Charlotte County Area Games (Not all Asst. Coaches needed).

17-19 May 2013 Two night overnight trip to Disney World, State Games (Not all Asst. Coaches needed).

 ASSISTANT COACH REQUIREMENTS: Must be a Class A volunteer with Special Olympics (requires a background check) and be able to teach and work with athletes with intellectual disabilities. You do not have to be an expert in the sports listed above to be a coach. If you are familiar with the sports mentioned in general you will be able to help out our athletes.

FINAL NOTE: We hope to have enough volunteers so that you will not have to go every week if you choose and help our athletes get ready for competition. We need your help to keep this program going. So if you can spare an hour and a half a week and have played the sports listed above sometime in your life you are just what we are looking for. If you are interested please contact the Special Olympics office by email at or phone 239-775-1991. Thank you for your time and consideration.

 Be a part of changing someone’s life forever…Coach with Special Olympics Collier County

Special Olympics Collier County


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