Friday, December 3, 2021

Special Council Meeting Called for October 19th

Earlier in the year, the Marco Island City Council established their schedule for 2020 meetings. At the time, councilors believed they would be able to limit the October schedule to only one meeting. That thought process apparently has been adjusted, as the council will now meet on Monday, October 19, in the Council Chambers. That meeting has been advertised to begin on at 6:30 PM, an hour later than the usual start time.

The extra meeting, while not originally scheduled, will be used to clean up some unattended business that the Chair and City Manager would like to wrap up prior to the election on November 3rd. Four seats will be filled as part of the November 3 elections. A new council will be sworn in on November 9 in Council Chambers. That meeting will begin at 5:30 PM.

A proposal to purchase the Medical Arts Building adjacent to the city campus on San Marco Road will be discussed at the October 19 meeting. The $2.25 million estimated cost would be paid from existing funds held in the Building Services Enterprise Fund. It appears staff has outgrown city hall and additional space is required. The proposed purchase could also assist in housing fire department administrative staff and shift employees on a temporary basis during construction of the replacement for Fire Station 50 when that project commences in 2021.

The seat presently held by Councilman Victor Rios will have to be filled after he steps down at the completion of the October 19 meeting. Rios announced he would be doing so at the council’s October 5 meeting. The City Charter calls for the council to appoint a replacement within 60 days of his resignation.

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