Thursday, January 20, 2022

Soulshine Yoga Offers Class for Fire Department

The Marco Island Fire Department was recently treated to a complimentary one-hour yoga class. Sarah Asbell and Kathi Bari of Soulshine Yoga transformed the firehouse into a make-shift yoga studio complete with mats, blocks, straps, and relaxing music.

“This is our first class for the Marco Island Fire Department. We hope to offer as many as they will allow us to do. We are very grateful for our first responders, and we want them to have healthy bodies so that they can prevent injuries while they are out in the field helping us,” said Kathi Bari, Soulshine instructor.

Eight members of the Marco Island Fire Department participated in the class led by Bari. Bari’s soothing voice guided the class through various poses while working on balance, flexibility, coordination, and relaxation. Halfway through the class, a call came in from a high-rise alarm. The class paused as six first responders jumped into action and left in the fire trucks. The two remaining participants enjoyed the full hour-long session complete with forehead massage and meditation.

“I certainly am a lot more flexible than I thought, and I found some muscles that I didn’t know existed,” explains Grady Harrison, MIFD training officer, one of the lucky final two participants. “This was definitely an interesting experience. It would be great if we could have it offered for all three shifts.”

Soulshine Yoga Marco Island is located at 20 Marco Lake Dr. Unit 11. For information on upcoming classes and events visit

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