Friday, October 22, 2021

Solidarity among the sisters



By Jane A. Marlowe

The “Early Birds”, a group of women who gather for exercise at 6:30 AM at Curves planned a special morning for one of their members, Friday, December 6th. Bonnie Kirkley had been absent from the group since her diagnosis of uterine cancer in October. Bonnie is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments almost daily following surgery.

Her daughter, Karen, one of four daughters who have been taking turns assisting their mother and father, came to Curves to continue her own exercise regimen. Karen is a member back home in Pennsylvania. Bonnie’s friends asked Karen what they could do for her mother and when they might visit with her.

It was decided that Karen would bring her mother to see her friends at their early morning exercise. She cautioned that her mother would probably be in pajamas since her daily treatments had taken a toll on her energy level.

On Friday morning the group arrived at 6 AM and exercised until Bonnie arrived with her husband and daughter. “There must have been 20 of my Curves sisters to greet me,” said Bonnie. “I was overwhelmed at their response. Those ladies are very caring. Everyone jumped in and wore pajamas. I am more comfortable dressed in them with daily chemo and radiation. My friends gave me the wonderful gift of dressing

The crew at Curves. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

The crew at Curves. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

like me and letting me know I am one of them.”

Ann Rudolph of the Red Rooster opened early to serve breakfast to the “Early Birds.” Mary Beth, a favorite server at the Rooster, came in early to wait on the group. Sally Butz, one of the planners of Bonnie’s special morning, remarked on the generosity of Ann and her staff for coming in early to help celebrate their friend, Bonnie. The group has been meeting for monthly luncheons for years and the women have formed lasting friendships. Sally commented, “I was happy all day long, Friday. It was a good day for all of us.” Sally also coordinates the group’s luncheons, keeps everyone informed about coming events and makes all the arrangements.

Kathy Profaca was also part of Bonnie’s tribute. “We all came in p.j.’s and Christmas hats that Pat Hagedorn provided. It was a wonderful party and Bonnie was so pleased. Our group is very attached. If one member does not show up in the morning for our exercise, another member promptly calls to check up on her. We look out for one another.”

Indeed they do and this was a unique, happy way to celebrate a friend in the middle of her battle against cancer. Coastal Breeze News salutes the “Early Birds” and Bonnie Kirkley in particular. Our very best wishes to the Kirkley family

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