Thursday, October 28, 2021

Snow Birds Ready to Fly From the City of Marco Island

For the snowbirds ready to depart up north we offer the following advice:

  • Turn your house water off prior to leaving and drain line after water is off.
  • Cover your toilets with plastic under the seat to avoid drying out of the water.
  • Ensure you have someone check on your property at least once a month. Turn on house water and run for a few minutes then turn back off.
  • Turn off hot water heater and water going to it. Make sure you turn water valve back on before the circuit breaker on return.
  • Have person checking your house check the water meter for movement or ask the lawn/pool person to check it once a week. This can catch a leak before a whole month has gone by.
  • Ask your pool person to change the return to the main drain to protect pool pump if water runs low.
  • Have your yard or irrigation person cut back on irrigation days and time in the rainy season.

James M. Lang, Customer Service Manager, Marco Island Utilities, Ph. 239-389-5190 or


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