Monday, October 25, 2021

Snook gets Close and Rookies Hold’s On!

In the consolation game of the 2012 Co-Ed Softball season, the Snook Inn faced Stan’s Buzzard Crew, with Stan’s coming off an emotional loss the week before the Snook was looking to catch Stan’s flat footed and notch their first victory of the season. The first couple of innings it looked just like that might happen but by the end of the 7th Stan’s notched the victory 9 to 5. Stan’s was led by Greg St Amour’s 3 hits including a triple and a double, Lee Vanderjagt added there hits on his own and Brad Frazier clobber a HR all the way out to Peacock drive to secure the win. The Snook was led by John Wilkins three hits including a triple, Anthony Palermo two hits including a HR.

The Championship game had Rookies facing Kretch’s.

Kretch’s came out swinging notching 3 runs in the top of the 1st inning, with Julie Mans, Bruce Kretschmer and AJ Parker all crossing the plate. Rookies answered the call in the bottom with 6 runs of their own behind hits by Michelle Richardson, Marc Canady, Missy Canady, Alisha Sullivan and a HR by Kevin Hennings.

The second inning saw good defensive work by both teams and no runs were scored by either. Kretch’s added one run in the top half but two fielding errors in the bottom half led to 5 runs for Rookies and after 3, Rookies had a commanding lead 11 to 4.

Kretch’s, as it has done many times this season, tighten up and did something no one had been able to do all season, not allowing Rookies to score in the 4th or 5th inning while grinding out 4 runs of their own , to close to gap to 11 to 8 heading into the 6th clearly with the momentum. Rookies feeling the pressure answered the call holding Kretch’s scoreless in the top half of the inning while adding 4 runs off of Sean Shea’s HR and hits by Missy Canady and Eddie Kirst.

Coming up to possibly their last bats of the season behind 15 to 8, Kretch’s mounted a comeback, behind Julie Mann’s, Joe Pitrone, Ellen Kretschmer, Leslie Deason and Frank Cortez narrowing the gap but Rookies showed why they posted an undefeated season and shut down the rally winning the championship 15 to 13.

It was a great season with all the teams having a lot of fun.

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