Sunday, November 28, 2021

Smallwood Store Settlement



By Patty Huff

Finally, after many years of frustration and expense, the Smallwood Store & Museum and Florida Georgia Grove, LLP, reached a settlement agreement on March 17. According to the Col the County Commissioners, “the four year Smallwood litigation has been resolved in favor of the County and the Smallwood family. In an agreed-upon Final Judgment… the Developer has agreed that Mamie Street is a publicly dedicated roadway, with the County and the Smallwood family accepting this newly paved road ‘as is.’” As a publicly dedicated roadway, neither the Smallwood Store nor Florida Georgia Grove will have to maintain the road; it will be county’s responsibility. Also, the public will be able to continue to use the road, as it has for nearly a hundred years. Lynn McMillin says she is very appreciative for all the support the community has given her family and the museum over the past four years. Under the Final Judgment “…all claims which could have been raised by the parties in this lawsuit, are hereby dismissed with prejudice, with each party to bear its or their own respective attorneys’ fees and costs.” So, the Smallwood Store is responsible for road to remain public and accessible. The Everglades Society for Historic Preservation will continue to assist the historic store in its fundraising efforts. Editor’s Note: A comprehensive video on the Smallwood Store and its illustrious past was produced by Hughes Productions and this newspaper. You can pick up a copy at Coastal Breeze News or the Smallwood Store. All proceeds from the sale of this video will go to the Smallwood Store for their legal expenses.

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