Friday, December 3, 2021

Slow Down and Check Me Out at the Center for the Arts

Art is Everywhere

Photos by Maria Lamb
| Hyla Crane, Executive Director for the Center for the Arts, with main gallery exhibits in the background.


The “Art is Everywhere” Exhibit, featuring 12 unique mailboxes found on Marco Island, is taking center stage at the La Petite Galerie.

Photos by Maria Lamb
| The Mail Gallery features 87 pieces of art from 49 artists through April 6. Come on and browse through this exciting collection.

Mary Pat Palombo, a board member for the Center for the Arts, noticed these unique mailboxes on Marco Island. According to Mary Pat, people who may not consider themselves artists are here expressing themselves, and as she looked around the island, she found a variety of creative mailboxes. For eye-catching curb appeal, people are turning run of the mill mailboxes into unique creative expressions or works of art. The impetus to search out mailboxes came when a friend remodeled their house on Barfield and once done, added a spectacular dolphin mailbox. Mary Pat wanted to do something more. 

Mary Pat pitched the idea to the Center for the Arts who was very open to it.

Artist Bruce Robertson came up with the idea to make a calendar of the Mailboxes of Marco Island. The “Art is Everywhere” 2021 Calendar project was launched in December 2020 and features some of the most artful, amusing, whimsical and creatively inspired mailboxes around Marco Island. This was much in the way other cities such as Philadelphia and New York captured the unique beauty found in front doors. Marco’s mailboxes are unique and extraordinary.

Once the idea of mailboxes was firmed up, Mary Pat and Bruce Robertson formed a committee that began the search for noteworthy and remarkable mailboxes on Marco. According to Patricia Mills, Communications Coordinator for the Center, a very large list of mailboxes was compiled then narrowed down to the top 18, of which 12 were selected.



The owners of each mailbox very kindly gave the Art Center permission to photograph their mailboxes and use the images for this project. The mailboxes were photographed by Dr. Phil Wheat and Dr. Ed Cohen. The cover artwork for the “Art is Everywhere” calendar is the Art Center’s very own mailbox created by Mr. Robertson. The graphic designer for the project was the Center’s Myriam Kriel.

Photos by Maria Lamb
| Main Gallery Exhibit through April 6th.

The “Art is Everywhere” project will allow you to share in the creativity, magic and beauty that exists in the everyday life on Marco Island no matter where you are. 

Slow down while driving around Marco Island. We are surrounded by nature, beauty, and art that is ever present and everywhere!

“Art is Everywhere” calendars and posters can be purchased in the Art Center gift gallery. Calendars are on sale for $20 (tax included) and posters are $15 (tax included). These lovely items make great holiday gifts. If you are interested in purchasing the calendars and posters and would like to have them shipped to you or a friend, please call the Art Center at 239-394-4221.

Main Gallery Exhibit for March is Members Only featuring 87 pieces from 49 artists and will run through April 6, 2021. The exhibit includes the first ever painting that Patricia Mills of the Center learned to do through a virtual class at the Center for the Arts. 

About Marco Island Center for the Arts: Founded in 1969 by a dedicated group of artists and patrons, the non-profit Art Center has developed into a place to gather, to learn and to become inspired. The program offerings include classes and workshops for adults and children. The Art Center brings a wide variety of arts to the community including visual, music, literature, and special presentations. It is a showcase for local, national and international artists in many disciplines. 

The Marco Island Center for the Arts is located at 1010 Winterberry Drive and open to the public Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. For more information, please visit



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