Friday, January 28, 2022

Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing!



By Carol Glassman

The commercials tell us that “sleep is a beautiful thing”, and I quite agree, especially if you have a good mattress and sweet dreams.

A lot of people I know choose the time just before drifting off to sleep to “speak” to their dearly departed or to have a few words with some higher power in which they believe. Since the last thing we do before we enter dreamland often influences our dreams, we might be feeding and stirring our subconscious. Sometimes when we dream of those we have lost, it’s an uncanny feeling when we awake to try to figure out what is real — dream time or the rest of time. Many people don’t recall what they have dreamed, and some claim they don’t dream at all. It seems to me that dreams can often be the product of an overripe imagination — or an overripe cheese you ate at bedtime. In any case, the subconscious has a wonderful way of putting together often unrelated events and people, and coming up with a story line that would make a Hollywood producer proud. It’s not just your eyes that are the window to your soul; it could also be your dreams.

I am one of those people who dreams every night in technicolor, complete with all of the senses challenged. I also remember most of my dreams when I wake up, and am constantly intrigued by how people appear. Sometimes, they look as they did when they were alive or as they do now, and other times they appear as they did when they were much younger or children.

Then, we have those recurrent dreams of frustration where we are late for an event, can’t find the car in a parking lot (or the place we took it for repairs), about to write an exam for which we didn’t study, lost in a large school and can’t find the way to the next class, or in a house where we are afraid the owner will discover us and toss us out. Many people talk of dreams of falling, losing their teeth or hair, or drowning. I’m sure there are powerful psychological reasons for this that relate to fears of failure and rejection. One of my most humorous dreams involved repeatedly trying to telephone someone whom I do not particularly like. In the dream, I could dial the numbers successfully but never get them in the right order. I just couldn’t get through, and I guess that described our relationship perfectly.

I recently read a theory that when we depart from the earth, that’s not all there is. We become part of a constellation of sorts, made up of different colors of lights — yellow, blue, red, white. I sure hope I get blue as it’s my favorite color. These little globes or souls of light float around on different levels, but here’s the part I like least. Although they may recognize each other as friends or relatives, they are unable to speak or get together for a twinkle or two. They just keep moving, gaining information or learning. I get vertigo easily so the idea of floating in space is not terribly appealing, nor is gathering lore if I can’t share it. I wouldn’t look forward to seeing anyone in my dreams if he appeared as a mute dot of light in any color!

In my case, it’s almost a relief that none of my wildest dreams — not to confuse them with hopes and wishes — has come true, or my nightmares either. Quite often, I am sure I am speaking with one person but in my dream his face has been transposed to another body. I also seem to have developed the ability to stop mid-dream if I’m not enjoying it and tell myself to wake up before it ends badly. In one dream recently, I was nudging the person beside me as she had fallen asleep at a crucial moment. Losing my patience, I then reminded myself she had passed away many years ago so it didn’t really matter in that situation. If only life were so simple!

Sleep is such a precious commodity that we are fortunate if we can access it easily — it’s one of the body’s best medicines.

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