Saturday, October 16, 2021

Slate Not True Voice



As many of you know by now, Roger Hernstadt, our City Manager, has resigned last night at City Council meeting.

If you voted for the “Slate” of Jared Grifoni, Howard Reed, and Charlotte Roman, and wanted the City Manager gone, you got what you wanted.

If you are unconcerned or uninformed citizens that voted for the “Slate,” then you got what you deserve.

If you are part of the concerned citizens that fought the good fight to keep the “Slate” out of office, but lost, now you have just lost the best City Manager that Marco Island has ever had.

Sorry to say, but this is not the only person they want to remove. Next on their list will be the Police Chief and the Fire Chief. Don’t let this happen.

Rise up in arms to stop this City Council from tearing down this City. Scrutinize everything these councilors say or do. Don’t let these Councilors impose their will on our City. Fight back in every way possible. Attend every City Council meeting and Advisory Committee meeting that you can. Speak up whenever you can and make your opinion heard. The “Slate” does not represent the true voice of Marco Island.

Gene Burson
Marco Island

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