Monday, November 29, 2021

Sisters raise money for mission trip

Marissa and Madeline Barrett are not your typical teenagers. Most kids their age spend their hard earned money on clothes, music, and other not-so-important items that they feel they need. The Barrett sisters, however, are currently trying to raise money for a cause that is much greater than them.

On November 7th, 17-year old Melissa and 14-year old Maddie will be flying to El Salvador to take part in their first mission trip. Through their church, New Life Community Church of Marco Island, the girls became involved in this week-long venture. For one week the girls will be volunteering their time in a small village in San Salvador, El Salvador. They will be building houses for the villagers in a mountainous town in the area.

Christians from churches all over the country take part in these mission trips to El Salvador. Last year they built bathrooms for the same village they will visit this year. Each person who goes on the trip is responsible for paying their own way. For the Barrett sisters, this means about $900 per person not including any spending money.

To help raise funds for themselves and one other member who is going on the trip, the sisters have been cooking up some delicious breakfast selections at their church. The first Sunday they served omelets and waffles. They raised enough to cover the cost of one airline ticket that morning. The following Sunday they served biscuits and gravy and had a hefty looking donation jar by the end of service.

Marissa and Maddie are interested in going on this trip for more than just the chance to build homes for people in need. As Maddie explains, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help other people. Not only are we helping others but we are helping ourselves, too.” She also thinks she has a thing or two to learn while there. “I believe that we will learn much more from the people there than they will learn from us,” she adds.

Marissa is excited for a very important reason. “I really want to go into the missionary field as my life’s work. This will be my chance to experience what it is like and decide if it is what I want to do,” explains the 17-year old.

The girls will be serving up breakfast every Sunday until they leave on November 7th. They hope that by serving up delicious hot meals on Sunday morning they will be able to cover the cost for their trip. If you would like to help support their cause, breakfast is served from 9:00AM to 10:00AM in the kitchen area at New Life Community Church. Their Sunday service starts at 10:00AM. The church is located at 590 West Elkcam. For more information you may call New Life Community Church at 239-394-3469.

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