Saturday, October 23, 2021

Short Life Advice From Outliers Under 30

Peter Cuderman, a local entrepreneur, business consultant, and adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Florida Gulf Coast University is excited to announce the release of his first book, “30&UNDER: Short Life Advice from Outliers Under 30.” He began researching the daily habits, rituals, and routines of highly successful people under thirty in August 2017 when he couldn’t find any book on the topic. In order to prove the concept, he launched a Kickstarter project. The fundraising goal was $2,750 and the campaign ended at approximately 180% of that initial goal.

“30&UNDER” puts you inside the minds of the most successful people under 30. Entries include: Forbes 30-unders, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, philanthropists, contestants from shows, such as: Top Chef, Chopped, The Ultimate Fighter, Shark Tank, and Survivor, as well as programs, such as: Thiel Fellows, Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, and more.

Cuderman on why he wrote the book, “When I opened up Google that morning, my search result came up short. I was looking for books that described the highly successful people that I saw constantly influencing, making the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list, or competing at the highest level. With one caveat — either they had to have started their brand or business before 30 or they had to still be under 30 years of age. The results were slim. These high achievers existed, but it was nothing more than biographies. There was little to give me specifics into their daily routines, habits, and rituals. I wanted to know more. And if I wanted to know more, was it possible that others did, as well?” The book also had a philanthropic initiative associated with it. In order to help improve child literacy, backers of the campaign had the option of donating up to twenty books to a nonprofit, literacy program, educational institution, or school district. All backers at this level have decided to make the donation to The Foundation of Lee County Public Schools.

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