Thursday, January 27, 2022

Shooting the Breeze

With great pleasure (and not a little fear and trepidation) we welcome you to the first issue of the Coastal Breeze News. The birth and subsequent delivery of this baby have been a result of the combined passions for writing, truth in reporting, and love of the community in which we live, shared by Val Simon, Jeane Brennan, and me (Carol Glassman). In addition to all the support and cheerleading we have received along the way, there have been a few naysayers who doubt not only our motives but also our chances for success. We are counting on you, dear readers, to prove them wrong.
It is our opinion that a community newspaper requires individuals whose past (and current) performance has included community service, to be able to practice our mission properly: to provide the news and information with local perspectives. It’s not logical to try to inform readers about their community unless one is conversant with it. The best way to connect readers with local businesses and services is to be well aware of them, know their owners, and have experience with what they can offer. We can all be more effective at what we do, if we take the time to get acquainted with each other. We will practice an open-door policy where, because of our family size and nature, community questions and concerns will be answered in a timely manner.
Nor do we intend to isolate ourselves on a physical and mental island: only the very naîve think we can exist like that. Marco Island does not, in reality, end at a bridge. For example, although we may live, work, and attempt to keep business here, we are often dependent upon the surrounding areas to provide much-needed advanced medical services.
This community is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle where all of the pieces fit. Our future depends not only on what goes on in our own backyards, but also to some extent, on what is happening with our neighbors as well. In order to understand our own municipal government, we must be cognizant of what happens in the County and in the country at large. It’s not as complicated as it often seems, and we hope to be able to simplify the process for you by honest and accurate, balanced, independent reporting. Without allowing ourselves to become personal platforms for repeated outpourings of opinions, we hope to offer the reading, thoughtful public an interactive forum where ideas may be shared with dignity. Our website will be the location for many of these comments.
Intelligent people are constantly assessing and reassessing what they do so that they might do it better and learn by their errors. Our commitment to you, the reader, is to continue learning and if we should make a mistake, to use it as a learning experience.  We ask, therefore, that you take us as seriously as we take you. Welcome to our family.

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