Friday, January 28, 2022

Shooting the Breeze

Nancy and Dusty Rhodes read the Coastal Breeze News while enjoying their morning coffee at the Esplanade!

Nancy and Dusty Rhodes read the Coastal Breeze News while enjoying their morning coffee at the Esplanade!

These last two weeks have been incredible. Never in my wildest dreams did I picture six months ago (or ever, for that matter) that I would be spending my days (and nights, and mornings, and evenings….) writing for and editing a newspaper. I confessed to a few close friends that I have never been a Managing Editor before, and I was several weeks into the job before I realized I didn’t have a job description and had no idea of what I was really supposed to do. “Just do it!”  became my motto, and along with a team of fantastic writers and a talented layout artist, we proudly brought you Issue #1 — and then waited to see how you would like it. So far, the reactions have been rather positive and with a collective sigh of relief we forged on with Issue #2, still learning.

We hope you have visited our web site,, and as we become more adept at using it ourselves, we will add breaking news and other current events as they occur. Publishing as we do every other week, it’s one way we have of keeping you up-to-date both here and if you leave the Island. You can also check the weather, tides, and check out any articles  you may want to read again.

By the time you read this, our new City Council will have been elected and hopefully a few more of the world’s problems will be eased. Many local organizations are busy working with the Kids Against Hunger program, raising funds for those in Haiti, striving to bring you a wonderful new Historical Museum and furnish the new room at the Library — among other worthy ventures. We urge you to participate, open your wallets and give of your hours as you are able.

Our Breezin’ Through section is, we think, a delightful collage of friendly faces throughout the community. We hope you find yourselves among them.

Our calendar of events is certainly full and we hope you consult it often, just in case yours isn’t. Heaven forbid that you are short of ideas for things to do!

This area is approaching its busiest time of year; the population is exploding with many more visitors and part-time residents. We caution everyone to take extra care when driving, walking, or biking. Allow a little extra time when leaving home and try to practice a little extra patience with winter guests who may not be as familiar with the territory as we are.

Kick back, enjoy the weather and everything southwest Florida has to offer — and above all, try not to go anywhere in a hurry!

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