Sunday, October 17, 2021

Shooting starts!

Elden Carlson, John Stinauer and Gary Landis taking aim. Photos by Jeane Brennan

Elden Carlson, John Stinauer and Gary Landis taking aim. Photos by Jeane Brennan

By Tim Eiszner

As you head out 41 East from Highway 92, San Marco Road, a morning or afternoon’s fun can be found at the LouLand Gun Club sometimes referred to as The Port of the Isles Gun Club. But make no mistake, the LouLand Gun Club is owned and operated by Lou Zalesnak.

Now I’m not an advocate of guns but I am an advocate of learning while having some fun and LouLand offers the opportunity for both. LouLand offers an outdoor firing range and both pistols and rifles. Target distance for pistols is about 25 feet and the rifle range has targets at both 50 yards and 100 yards.

Lou is an extremely knowledgeable individual when it comes to firearms and will lend a hand, give a quick lesson, sight in your weapon and above all else insure safety is everyone’s first concern. You must bring your own firearm and ammunition. If you’re new to the sport, several local gun shops offer lessons and will accompany you to the range where you can utilize one of their guns. In this sport, proper instruction both in firing the weapon and in safety is a must.

If you’re not quite sure you have interest, stop by as an observer but make sure you speak to Lou so he knows you’re there and he will gladly show you around. Louland is open 9am-4pm Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays year round. If you’re a seasoned veteran and want a bit more of a challenge, every Monday at 4:30 pm Lou holds a three gun competition where individuals compete utilizing a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle. If you

Glen Snirle, Jon MacGinnes and Elden Carlson.

Glen Snirle, Jon MacGinnes and Elden Carlson.

haven’t witnessed a three gun competition or seen it on TV, it is really a fast moving, hard fought competition where a winner is determined by accuracy and time.

Want more? Every Thursday at 4:30 pm, LouLand has a pistol competition on a specially laid out course with active metal targets. I had an opportunity to witness a pistol competition at Louland and it is truly competitive. You can cut the tension among the competitors with a knife!

What amazed me most was the age of these competitors. They ranged from their 20’s to their 60’s, maybe 70’s. I met a few of these men and have to tell you they are friendly and want to talk about their sport. They are just regular folk who enjoy a great competition. They perform the Pledge of Allegiance before they begin and being late for that brings friendly ridicule to the late comer.

If you’re interested in the three gun or pistol competition, give Lou a call in advance as Lou limits observers and requires advance information for newcomers who want to join in the competitions. Again, Safety, Safety, Safety. If you have never been to a gun range, bring some ear plugs or headgear to protect your ears.

Lou can be reached at 239/682-3542. Loulands website is: If you want some fun head out 41 East from Hwy. 92. Make a left at the blinking light at Port of the Isles. The road deadends in front of a hotel. Turn left and drive around the back of the hotel and the road will lead you to the range. Be Safe and Enjoy the Fun!


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