Friday, October 15, 2021

Shoes made for Walkin’

Shoes made for Walkin’. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Shoes made for Walkin’. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Joanie Fuller

Flip flops, Sketchers, sandals with sparkles, Crocs of all styles and colors, running, cross training, moccasins – you name it- people walk in all kinds of shoes. What kind do you walk in?

I guess it depends on where or why you are walking.

Hmm. I was just thinking. It seems to me that if you are a girl and you are wearing sandals you need to have your toes painted. Right? You can’t go around with unkempt toenails even in Goodland. If you are a guy, well, forget it. You don’t have to read this paragraph.

An acquaintance of mine, Bill Berry, is a serious exercise walker. “I walk 4 miles every day the months I am here,” he says. Bill wears sturdy cross training shoes and sets a pretty good pace. I bet he goes through at least one pair every year. I see him all the time walking from his place on the East side of the island over to Calusa Marina, down the

Bill Berry.

Bill Berry.

Mary Miller Mile and over the Goodland Bridge and back. He even walks in the rain. I stopped him one day when it was raining and took his picture. Normally his signature is the wide brimmed hat not the umbrella. And when you see that hat you know it’s Bill.

Marci Stevens walks a similar trek every day with her little white dog. She wears Sketchers but Max, the dog, just goes bare foot. Hmm. Does that hurt? I hope not! Anyway, Marci always looks so energetic as she goes along. One day Marci and Max had an alarming surprise down by the famous Goodland water tank. Max suddenly stopped and was completely still. Marci told me, “I looked and there right in front of us was a Florida Panther! We didn’t quite know what to do. The panther was so handsome, but frightening too. Fortunately, he didn’t see us and just kept on going on his merry adventure.”

So Goodland has a panther in her midst!! Hmm.

Marci Stevens and Max.

Marci Stevens and Max.

That’s interesting.

When I walk, I just have to have my IPod with me. I like to keep time with the music – in other words walk to the beat. Since I am not Croc savvy, I wear good cross training shoes so my feet stay in good shape. And think about it. I don’t have to check my toenails.

Others I know take brisk walks to the post office, some just amble along, some just go next door to borrow sugar, some go to the pool or the bar. One thing is for sure though, shoes are important and they have to be comfortable.

And in the end it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear just so you are happy. So, if you’re a snowbird heading back north, just pack them away and save them for next year. Unless you want a new pair like I do.

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 47 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.


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