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Concentrating on the bedroom

When preparing your home for sale, make sure your home is in peak selling condition before it goes on the market. However, keep in mind that the concept and purpose of keeping your home environment as a place you are proud of is not only because the property is listed for sale. It is easy to accumulate masses of items and piles of ‘stuff’ living in the same place year after year. We get used to, and really don’t ‘see’, the rougher edges. Start to de-clutter, organize, and eliminate items that no longer serve purpose.

Because of the intimate nature of bedrooms, it is especially important to create a feeling of comfort in this personal space. Whether it is to sell the property or to enhance one’s lifestyle, the bedroom can be more attractive by applying some simple techniques of the ‘staging’ trade.

Clean, clean, and clean again! Remove clutter and miscellaneous knick knacks from the dresser and table tops. When selling the property remove personal pictures,



trophies, certificates and other items that would prevent the buyer from visualizing the space furnished with their own items.

Replace dated and shabby lamps to update the room décor and provide both visual and lighting impact. Learn to use your wall to enhance the space and use artwork and painting in proportion to the size of the wall. Sometimes removing all but a few pieces of artwork allows the eyes to rest and feel refreshed.

Have fun and be creative. Use some of your decorating pieces from other areas of the home and purchase updated items at low cost such as pillows, lamps, and bedding linen. Always remember that the feeling you want to foster is comfort, happiness, and stress-free living. For this particular bedroom, the budget was $500. With a higher budget one could have painted the walls and the frame behind the dresser with the same color.

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