Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Setting the Record Straight           

Screenshot of online article.

In an article in the current edition of the Coastal Breeze News, we reported the City of Marco Island had entered into a contract with the STARS Program of the Florida Police Chiefs Association. This program is similar to the Senior Advisor’s Program of the Florida City and County Management Association, where senior advisors with associated experience are brought in to assist a municipality in finding senior staff to fill vacant positions.

Coastal Breeze News also named Paul Sireci, an experienced law enforcement professional, as the person who would take that assignment. That announcement was reported in the Villages Daily Sun on March 12, 2019, in an article about the City of Wildwood, Florida swearing in its new Chief of Police, who Sireci had helped to recruit. Sireci had filled the vacant chief’s position for two months after the abrupt departure of their former chief, and helped the city recruit their new chief.

Marco Eagle reporter, Devan Patel, never saw the original article. We provide you a copy from the print edition, as well as the online version here.  Coastal Breeze News covered our bases and maintained copies of the original article, in print and online, in case there were any shenanigans from any source. We were NOT contacted for verification of our reporting.




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