Monday, March 27, 2023

Senior Corps of Retired Executives

Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala

We’ve all heard of SCORE – Senior Corps of Retired Executives – but we never heard much about them other than they were out there.  Well, my friends, things have changed!  We have a dynamic group of executives reaching out to all aspects of the community offering help.  The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council has ranked Florida the sixth in the nation for small business development for 2010.  The report analyzes and combines 16 different tax measures into one tax score for all 50 states, including income, capital gains, property, death/inheritance and unemployment taxes, and I believe in my heart of hearts it is because of our active, vital members of SCORE.  I have seen them in action in every corner of our community from the entry level business man to the business trying to get back on its feet to the arts community!  Take a bow Jim Lackey – Chick Heithaus, and so many others.  You are helping our community succeed.

I received a frightening message the other day from a dear friend.  She said she and her husband had taken a trip to England and were robbed in the park by their hotel.  Everything was taken except their passports:  credit cards, cash, check book, tickets, etc.  They had no way to get back and were asking if someone they contacted through their e-mail list could help them.  They were desperate and felt very violated.  I didn’t get the message until a few days later because my computer has been inoperable for a while, but when I got the message I e-mailed them back to find out if they got back okay and if they were getting their affairs straightened out.  Lo and behold, my friend writes back to tell me it was a SCAM!  Someone had hacked into their e-mail list and sent that e-mail to everyone on it asking for money.  I do not know the outcome, but I wanted to make you aware of this scam! !  I know these people so well………….and would have never doubted they sent the message.  Thank heavens my computer was on the blink.

For those of you who have switched to Dish or Direct T.V., have you noticed you cannot access the government channels?  That is because they don’t have to offer this free service to the governments, as they are not regulated by state or local agencies.  The County’s Public Utilities manager has researched the subject and cannot find any satellite provider that offers PEG programming.  So that’s the long and short of it.

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