Monday, November 29, 2021

Senior Cat Adoption


For the Love of Cats began the Seniors for Seniors program in 2010 with a one year grant from Home Again, the microchip company. This program has become so valuable that For the Love of Cats has made it a part of their ongoing programs. Older cats languish in shelters for years. Most do not get adopted, or worse, they are euthanized to make room for younger animals. Senior citizens are often living alone, and depression is a major concern. Having a cat increases seniors’ activities, social interaction and is beneficial to their overall health.

“This is the fifth year of our program, and even though we no longer have specific funding for it, we feel it is so important that we have allocated some of our general funds to continue saving the lives of older cats and enriching the lives of senior citizens. My in-laws are 98 and 95. My mother-in-law loves her cats, and they are the ones who get her out of bed every morning. I think they are the most spoiled cats on the planet! They give her so much love and joy. No senior should be without a pet. We are so excited to have been able to save over 100 senior cats to date,” says Jan Rich, co-founder of For the Love of Cats.

For the Love of Cats Seniors for Seniors Program includes cats from Domestic Animal Services of Collier County and the Humane Society of Naples, as well as cats from For the Love of Cats. The program provides that cats that are available for adoption, that are over 5 years old, may be adopted by a senior citizen, over the age of 55, at no cost to the adopter. The adoption fee, along with a complete care kit for the cat, is paid for by For the Love of Cats.

For the Love of Cats can be reached at 239-642-8674.



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