Sunday, January 16, 2022

Seaweed Cleanup Scheduled for Tuesday

If you’ve been to the beach lately, you may have noticed a collection of grayish or dark blobs known as sea squirts. According to Adam DiNuovo, a biologist for Audubon, Florida, “Wind and waves have brought them to our tidal zones and they are harmless.” And when you step on them water squirts out!

Sea squirts are live creatures that look like clumps of small potatoes, but they act as water filtration and filter water and bacteria from the water.

Red drift algae also has been accumulating in patches on Marco’s beaches and according to Gary McAlpin of Collier County, this is a seaweed event up and down the west and east coast of Florida. Collier County beaches are being raked daily and Marco Island is scheduled for raking tomorrow norming, after Mary Nelson’s sea turtle nests inspection.

Four 20 cubic yard dumpsters will be deposited at Tigertail Beach and Collier County will add more if needed to clear the beaches of the dried and decomposing seaweed. Bryan King of Collier County just visited Marco’s Residents Beach seaweed deposit this afternoon, and confirmed he will be coordinating the clean-up and hopes to start early tomorrow morning.

Check back to for more details. 

Photos by Maria Lamb



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