Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Sea Turtle Update and Manatee Mortality

Submitted Photos

Submitted Photos


How Can You Help Marco Island’s Sea Turtles? 


1. Make sure all holes in the sand near nesting sites are filled in.

2. Remove everything from the beach at night. This includes tents, chairs, coolers, toys, towels, plastic bottles and bags. And remember, no glass!

3. If you live in a condo on the beach, go on the beach and check the lighting after 9



PM. Have all the outside balcony lights turned off, and all windows with light on
inside, shaded.

4. Stay 20 feet from a marked sea turtle nest. Call Mary Kelly Nelson, Environmental Specialist, Collier County Sea Turtle Protection at 239-289-9736 or the Marco Island Police Department at 239-389-5050 to report anyone disturbing a nest or nesting sea turtle.

5. To report a dead, injured or disoriented sea turtle on Marco call 239-289-9736



or 239-252-2952.


A30-CBN-07-22-16-3June Manatee Mortality at a Glance 

Water Craft – 9

Flood Gate / Canal Lock – 0

Human Interaction – 1

Perinatal – 14

Cold Stress  – 0

Natural – 5

Undetermined – 14

Unrecovered – 5

Brevard county lead the 19 related counties with 18 total deaths;
Lee county was next highest with 5.

Information provided by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Marine Mammal Pathobiology Laboratory.

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