Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sea Turtle Tidbit



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

How well have you been studying the Sea Turtle Tidbits printed each edition of the Coastal Breeze? Sea turtle nesting season is coming to a close as females have finished laying their eggs on Marco, and 17 of those nests have now hatched. Here’s a quick quiz to test your knowledge of the endangered species.


1. How often do male sea turtles leave the sea?

a.) Whenever they feel like it      b.) Once a year

c.) During mating season           d.) Never

2. What is the incubation period for loggerhead sea turtles?

a.) 95 – 100 days b.) Nine months

c.) One month d.) 45 – 55 days

3. What type of sea turtle is most abundant on Marco’s beaches?

a.) Loggerhead b.) Kemp’s Ridley

c.) Green Sea Turtle d.) Leatherback

4. What is the biggest threat to sea turtles?

a.) Sharks b.) Global Warming

c.) Humans d.) Plastic bags

5. How many eggs are in a typical nest?

a.) 50 b.) 100

c.) 200 d.) 10

6. True or False: Sea turtle sex is determined by sand temperature.

7. True or False: A “false crawl” happens when a baby sea turtle crawls away from the moonlight.

8. A man-made hazard to sea turtles is:

a.) False lighting along the beach

b.) Beach chairs and umbrellas left overnight

on the beach

c.) Use of flash photography and flashlights

at night when turtles are hatching

d.) All of the above

9. True or False: Sea turtles only hatch on the beaches of South Florida.

10. Sea turtle season lasts from:

a.) June 1 – September 1

b.) May 1 – October 1

c.) June 1 – November 1

d.) All year! They mate like rabbits!


Answers: 1.) d; 2.) d; 3.) a; 4.) c; 5.) b; 6.) True; 7.) False; 8.) d; 9.) False; 10.) b.



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