Thursday, October 28, 2021




By Natalie Strom

On Friday, April 27, Coastal Breeze received word that the first sea turtle nest had been marked for 2012. The nest was located along Hideaway Beach by Mary Nelson, Marco Island’s “Sea Turtle Lady.”

The nest, itself, is roped off with yellow caution tape. The female turtle’s trail to the nest can be seen to the right of the photo. Female turtles take their time finding the perfect spot to nest. In this particular case, it is clear that this mother-to-be made quite the trek to find her perfect nesting location.

This first nest marks a bit of an early start for sea turtle nesting season. The season usually begins in May and ends in October. In the earlier months of season, female sea turtles come ashore to lay up to 100 eggs per nest. Come October, these eggs begin to hatch and fledgling sea turtles scurry toward the ocean in hopes of being that one hatchling in 1,000 that will make it to adulthood.

Coastal Breeze News will be keeping up with the sea turtle season along Marco’s beaches as the summer months progress. Look for charts that will track nest counts, false crawls and more.

Please remember that Loggerhead Sea Turtles are an endangered species. If you come across a nest that has been roped off, please respect the perimeters.

Happy sea turtle season!

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