Saturday, October 16, 2021

Schettino Honored at Foundation Function

Photos by Steve Stefanides | Author Peter Karl recounts the writing of his crime thriller.

Members of the Marco Island Police Foundation recently hosted their second quarter Lunch With the Chief event at the Island Country Club. It was a special occasion for all in the room, as it was Police Chief Al Schettino’s last as the leader of what he described as, “some of the finest law enforcement professionals in Florida.”

Schettino will be leaving his job in June, as the city seeks to fill his position following Interim City Manager Harden’s decision to make a change in the department’s leadership. That decision raised questions with some in the community, voiced by supporters of Schettino who attended the last council meeting.

Schettino listed a number of accomplishments since he took the reins in 2015 and began the slow and deliberate process of making changes within the department. He pointed out that those changes would result in a much better agency for the officers presently there and the community itself.

Changes include improved response times, reorganization of the command staff, enhanced training, and Marco named one of Florida’s safest cities, with reduced crime statistics and better coverage. An outreach within the community and an embracing of Community Policing were all part of those changes.

Schettino thanked the Police Foundation for their continued support of the men and women of the department in their times of need.

The community-oriented “F” Troop of the Island Country Club presented Schettino with an honorary membership into their group and hoped he would soon take a little time to enjoy their favorite sport of golf, in his free time.

The luncheon hosted local author and resident Peter Karl. Karl provided the audience with insight into a gruesome murder investigation which spanned many years in the City of Chicago. Karl was an award-winning TV journalist in Chicago and is now engaged in writing about some of the more intriguing elements of the crimes he had witnessed first-hand as a journalist.

Karl’s book, “On the Night of a Blood Moon” is available on Amazon in hard cover, paperback and in audio format.

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