Sunday, October 24, 2021

Saving the World One Coral at a Time

This summer was life changing for our family! It all started when my dear friend Kathleen Reynolds asked me if I would go with her to the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) to take a class to learn how to plant coral on the reefs in the Florida Keys. We are scuba buddies and it sounded interesting so of course I said yes. Interesting is an understatement for the Coral Restoration Foundation; totally awesome describes the CRF. I was truly blown away by the whole event. The presentation of their classes, the training on how to plant coral, the visual experience of acres of corals dangling from artificial trees while they grow to a larger size when they are then transplanted. Wow!

Cleaning algae from the coral trees helps the coral to grow faster. Submitted Photos

After participation in this event we were both left with the desire to continue to help CRF rejuvenate reefs. Kathleen taught a class on coral restoration to five different eighth grade classes at her daughter’s school in Massachusetts, and I began to work on my family. Thanks to the excellent training received from Scuba Marco, I now have three adult children and four grandchildren certified in scuba diving. The grandchildren took the week long scuba camp at the Marco YMCA, taught by John from Scuba Marco. John was excellent with the kids.

Now, very excited, I planned for everyone to take the Coral Reef Restoration class and dive to transplant corals in Key Largo in July 2019. Every time I participate in this event I learn and see something new. My adult children and grandchildren were also touched by this event and want to continue working for the Coral Restoration Foundation. My youngest granddaughter, Olivia, who is ten said to me, “Grandma we are saving the world” and I answered, “You are right Olivia, one coral at a time.”

According to the CRF, since the 1980s, the Florida Reef Tract has lost more than 90% of its staghorn and elkhorn corals.

If you have any interest in the work being done to help save the coral reefs, do check out

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