Saturday, November 27, 2021

Save 50% On Online Tickets to See & Do All That’s New at Naples Zoo



Catch up on seeing all the new animals including the Striped hyenas, Black vulture, coyote puppies and their Plott hound surrogate mom, Ground Hornbill, Red fox, Buff-cheeked gibbons, Gaboon viper, and Blackbuck antelope. Plus it’s now one of only four zoos in the nation where you can see the fierce African honey badgers.

And if you haven’t fed a giraffe yet, now is the time! For just an additional $5, You can feed the herd of seven giraffe! Inside the historic botanical garden, you’ll also enjoy the guided cruise through islands of monkeys, lemurs, and apes as well as feature wildlife shows in the Safari Canyon open-air theater featuring free-flying raptors, exotic predators, and more.

Half Off For Florida Residents:

Naples Zoo is now offering Florida residents an online ticket or coupon for 50% off admission through November 6, 2011. Proof of residency required (e.g. driver’s license or utility bill for residential property and matching name photo ID).

Regular zoo admission is $19.95 for adults and $12.95 for children. So with Florida resident discount tickets, guests can enjoy all day at the Zoo for just $10.10 for adults and $6.60 for children. (Each paid Zoo admission includes 25 cents for Naples

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