Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sandy Boy and Bedtime Bundle

Karen Saeks, left front, Sandy Boy on the right. Submitted

Karen Saeks, left front, Sandy Boy on the right. Submitted

On April 22, 2010 Marco Island resident and Bedtime Bundles volunteer, Sandy Boy, joined forces with the Charity Knitters of Marco with a goal:  She needed 2,000 crocheted/knitted hats for Bedtime Bundles by the fall.

Bedtime Bundles is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded by Karen Saeks, in 2006.  Karen, a retired nurse, noticed while volunteering her time with the children of East Naples that many were missing life’s basic necessities. They live in abject poverty, lacking nourishing meals and simple items such as pajamas, blankets, toiletries, underwear, etc.  Armed with an idea, a winning smile, and a strong desire to help, Karen founded Bedtime Bundles and the volunteers poured in. This year’s goal is to make 2,000 bundles (hence the number of hats) to distribute to the children of Collier County.  Last year, mothers of the recipients were interviewed and asked what else they would like to have in the bundles; the overwhelming response was hats, due to the unusually cold winter last year. We have succeeded in fulfilling a mother’s wish for her children…

For more information on Bedtime Bundles to volunteer time, bundle contents, or to make a donation, they can be reached at: 951 North Collier Boulevard, Marco Island, FL 34145. Tel/Fax:239.393.3415 Email:

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