Thursday, October 21, 2021

Sand Bar Temporarily Closed

Patrons of the well-liked Marco Island venue known as the Sand Bar were surprised to find that the popular sports bar and eatery was closed to the public shortly after noon on July 25th. As of press time, it has remained closed. This was a result of many of the staff leaving after being told that longtime employee and night shift manager, Charles “CJ” Muntwyer would no longer be employed by the establishment.

At least 15 of those employees chose to join Muntwyer when he left after an alleged disagreement with Maria Fortune, who is the owner of record of the popular venue. No further information was available.

Social media has been abuzz with the news, with many expressing disbelief in the abrupt closing earlier this week. The Sand Bar website is advertising now for bartenders and servers. Attempts to reach out to Mrs. Fortune were unsuccessful.

Check back to for breaking news regarding this and for other Marco Island news as it becomes available.

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