Friday, January 28, 2022

Sand Bar Softball Team Celebrates End of Season

Team Sand Bar recently gathered at the Gator Grille at Fiddlers Creek for an end of 2018 season celebration. “I drafted the best team – no doubt, about it,” remarked Coach Jim George, adding, “we were a couple of runs short; we made it through the season and everybody is on their feet” after 27 games.

Donna Kaczka enjoyed seeing the husbands play good competitive softball.

Becky Dumbauld has been cheerleading for her husband Dan for 17 years (and more if you count 7th grade). Newbie Lynn Marinaccio felt the umpires did not always get it right on some calls, a sentiment echoed by the Sand Bar calendar girls.

A big part of the afternoon was about the “tell-all-books” the Sand Bar players were going to write over the summer about their experiences playing with Coach Jim George. He passed out blank books with personalized titles.

“Mr. Do It All” includes field-tested tips from Charlie Lamb on how to play infield, outfield, catch and pitch, all in one game!

This is Mike Endelman’s seventh season, and “Dancing on the Diamond” will incorporate “dance theory” for a successful two-step routine between second and thirrd base.

“Getting away with everything using honey” is Jimmy Vitas’ secret recipe, guaranteed to improve spousal relationships using the word “honey.”

A preview of “Mr. Under Control” by Jeff Kaczka is already getting rave reviews from both players and managers. Book early for Jeff’s upcoming clinics on “How to keep your manager calm.” The team knows that Wayne Bombacci is tough on himself, and he agreed to include a satirical chapter on “how to master the five worst swear words in both Italian and English.”

Tom Vander Aarde just wanted to meet people, and his chapter on “How I met softball’s finest in the first 17 games,” will be autobiographical.

Softball is all about technique and Mike Garafolo’s “The art of how NOT to slide head first” will include great illustrations.

Will the real Lou Marinaccio please stand up! Jim called him Joe for seven years. I think his name is Stanley Livingston. This book will deal with the severe trauma of anonymity.

Don O’Connell is known as the team’s techno wizard (not!). His book will be co-authored with his wife Judy on the “Etiquette of texting and email by proxy.” On a high note, Don had seven home runs!

Dan Dumbauld’s right field ball catching experience has been short of legendary. “How to come in on a ball that is way over your head” will include tips on how to side roll and get a great crowd response.

Stay fit, stay healthy and have a great summer, Sand Bar Team!

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