Saturday, October 16, 2021

Salute to Jerry Anders



By Val Simon

Between betting on favorites for the Kentucky Derby at the 6th Annual Talk Derby to Me event, two people were recognized for their contributions to the Marco Island community: Jerry Anders and Theresa Glasser.

Jerry is a soldier. While on Marco Island, parents got to know him as he dropped off his son, Logan, for football. It was only when they didn’t see him they learned he was a military man. According to his mother, Jerry wasn’t allowed to give too many details when he was deployed. He would simply tell her he “was back home” meaning he had just returned from a mission. When he left for a mission, he would say he had to go to Naples and wouldn’t be back for a few days.

Jerry loved the military even as a child; military books, military movies and anything else that pertained to the military. He “had it in his blood”, along with dirtbiking and any other dangerous sport.

Jerry went into the military in 1992. He underwent extensive training at boot camp to become a Cavalry Scout with the 5/15th 2nd Platoon, Armored Cavalry division as Fort Knox, Kentucky. Jerry is presently a Staff Sergeant with the United States Army and is only three months of being eligible for a 20 year retirement, but he doesn’t necessarily plan on retiring. He was later assigned to the 1/4th (or quarter cay) Armored Cavalry in Fort Riley, Kansas. His first ‘tank’ was a Bradley.

Jerry’s first deployment to the Middle East was in July, 2002, as an 2-69 Armor, 3rd BCT, Armored Reconnaissance Specialist 19-Delta for Operation Desert Spring Kuwait/ Iraq border Diversionary force (classified reconnaissance). He was deployed a second time to Operation Enduring Freedom IX Afghanistan in 2008-2009.

His third deployment to the Middle East came after he trained with the 20th Special Forces Group, Special Operations Task Force at Fort Bragg, NC in 2010. While in Afghanistan, he was based at Bagram



Air Force Base.

During Jerry’s (almost) 20 year tenure he has been awarded:

• Three Overseas Service Ribbons.

• An Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M/Device.

• Two Afghanistan Campaign Medals with Campaign Star.

• A Global War on Terrorism Service Medal with two campaign stars.

• An Army non commissioned officer professional development ribbon.

• Two National Defense Service Medals.

• A N.A.T.O. Medal.

• Three Army Achievement Medals.

• Five Army Commendation Medals.

• A Combat Support battalion Medal.

• Four Good Conduct Medals ( National Defense Service).

• A Parachute Badge.

• Army Label Button.

• Tracked vehicle(s) clasp.

• Expert pistol Badge.

• Expert rifle Badge.

• Expert Grenade Badge.

• Sharpshooter marksmanship qualification badge.

• A Special Forces Basic Combat Airborne Certification from the 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Fort McClellan, Alabama, as well as numerous Certificates of Achievement and Coins.

When stateside, Jerry readily volunteers for family events and sports activities along with his wife, Theresa. This makes him an even better candidate for an award from Upon A Star Foundation. Jerry was appreciative of the recognition given him by the foundation and the charity’s founders, Howard and Michelle Jordan. The Shooting Star of 2012 Award certificate is in appreciation by his friends and neighbors for his service and sacrifice to our country.

Upon A Star Foundation was set up to benefit local children who may be in need of some assistance. Howard and Michelle are active parents and identify those in need through discussions with teachers, coaches and neighbors.

Well deserved, Jerry! Congratulations


Through the years his assignments have included:

• The Drug Task Force JTF-6 Drug Interdiction task force working with D.E.A while assigned with 4th Reconnaissance Platoon, Fort Riley, Kansas.

• The 1/2nd Armored Cavalry in Fort Polk, Louisiana.

• The 2-69 Armored Battalion in Fort Benning, Georgia.

• The 268th ADA in Fort Myers, Florida.

• The 1-124th Infantry, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

• The 715th Military Police Company, Combat Support, Melbourne, Florida.

• Security Forces, in Homestead, Florida.

• The 3-20th Special Forces Group, in Camp Blanding, Florida.

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