Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Safe Routes to School Construction Notice



From the City of Marco Island

Between June 20th and August 24, 2013, the City of Marco Island will be building a Sidewalk Widening Improvement project on Jamaica Road and Yellowbird Street. The existing four-foot sidewalks on the east side of Jamaica Road and the south side of Yellowbird Street will be removed and replaced with a new eight-foot wide concrete sidewalk. This project is being funded in part (+/- 80%) by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) through the Safe Routes to School Program. Accommodations for vehicle access and pedestrian traffic will be maintained.

The project is being constructed by Eli Contracting, Inc. who has recently completed several projects for the City. The construction will include temporary re-routing of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, demolition and removal of existing sidewalk, driveway aprons and culverts, trimming of vegetation as needed, replacement of driveway culverts, swale and drainage work, temporary sprinkler capping and relocation, temporary mailbox relocation, concrete sidewalk installation, replacement of driveway aprons and sodding and right-of-way restoration.

The contractor will be staging materials and equipment in the right-of-way or street, within the project area, but will maintain at least one lane of traffic. We suggest residents avoid using the project sidewalk and swale areas for any activity (day or night) during the construction period, as the ground will not be stable or safe for foot or bicycle travel.

We have scheduled the start of this project to coincide with the schools closing for summer.  In addition to replacing and improving the old sidewalk and driveway aprons, site work should improve stormwater drainage, retention and flow along most streets.  The contractor will be working on weekdays between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM weather permitting, and may work on Saturdays. The city’s Noise Ordinance prevents work on Sundays and major holidays. For any specific construction questions or concerns, please contact the City’s Project Construction Manager, Mike Daniel, at 239-389-5018 and leave a message with your phone number. When completed, this facility will also provide safer pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to the Leland-Sandhill area, Linear Park Trail and Bald Eagle Shared-Use Paths, as well as connectivity between the Schools, Mackle Park, Tennis Center, YMCA, County Library and new Historical Museum.

We believe this project will be a welcome improvement to the neighborhood.

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