Friday, December 3, 2021

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There have been so many rumors floating around recently about the old Lucky’s Market building, so I did a little investigation on my own, and YES, it will become a Publix store, a nice large one, and everything in there will be new, even the cement on the floor! It will be right up to date with everything, being brand new, but we’ve heard many things about it being an Organic version of Publix – the Greenwise version. But according to my Publix source, they said no, there are no plans to make it Greenwise, but it will offer many of their Greenwise products. Being that they are working on rebuilding it from the bottom up, it is guessed that it won’t be ready for “Prime-time” until later this year. When it’s done, that Publix store will be the most modern, up-to-date store in the area. Have you seen the one in downtown Naples? It will probably be a copy of that. Marvelous, just marvelous! It might be the size of the Publix on U.S. 41E & Thomasson Rd., which is BIG. With the way this area is growing, it can’t be too soon! You probably know there is another Publix being built as I write further east on U. S. 41E, which almost looks like a barren area right now, but it’s about to grow and grow quickly! I understand there will also be a few other shops adjoining the Publix. I’m sure with all the growth in that area they will be busy very soon.

*The other day a few of us went to Outback Steakhouse and had a really wonderful dinner! I love the baked stuffed potatoes, but then again, I like the baked stuffed soup as well. You know… we always hear that chain companies leave much to be desired, but I want to tell you, you’d think every person who works at this Outback owns part of the company because they are so friendly, attentive, and get your orders right! And their manager is the cream of the crop, in my opinion! He walks around the restaurant and talks with customers to make sure their order is what they wanted, etc., and always with a friendly smile. That’s what owners do! But his whole staff smiles a lot, is helpful and the food came out just as I ordered… again and again. I just thought you ought to know they are doing an outstanding job!

*I’ve taken a great interest in Lely High School for many years, almost since all five of my kids went there, but now especially. I see most high schools have benefactors right within their community, but Lely doesn’t seem to be blessed with that same financial asset. When I retired, I asked the principal, Ellen Keegan, if they are in need of things that maybe the public doesn’t know about. Many of the wealthier companies all seem to fund Immokalee, and so do the churches, and the Marco Kiwanis Club always seem to recognize the needs at the Manatee Schools, which is beautiful. As many of you know, there are many laborers and field workers in that area who could never afford to give extra money to the schools, plus low wage earners who still have a family to feed and care for, so they have little extra income to help with expenses like football helmets and band instruments, etc. From what I know, Lely is a Title 1 School, they don’t have a fundraising organization to try to help raise funds, but their needs are plenty! When I retired, I decided that Lely High School would be my project! I’m not a fundraiser, by any stretch of the imagination, but I see a need that is going unmet and I’d like to help. If you have a club or organization that is looking for a need to meet, you just read about it now! Some groups are really great at raising funds and donating them to worthy organizations. Well, here’s your chance! Last year the swim team finally had a place to hold swim meets, but they really needed swimsuits. An outstanding (unnamed) organization actually heard about the need and sent them a check to buy all the matching swimsuits they needed to equal the caliber of the other high schools! I think it really even helped them exceed in their first swim meet! Donations to this school’s sports and music programs make a huge difference! You can always find me at to ask questions or get needed contact info for persons to contact at the school. And YES, they are a 501C3! All donations are deductible!

*Speaking of Lely High School, I went over there last week as the Soccer players were departing to compete in a regional championship contest. They won in the regional game but lost in the state Final Four. What a great try! Who knows? Maybe next year will the best year ever! And two guys have already won football scholarships to two terrific colleges! These kids work together well and encourage each other! It’s really nice to see the teamwork going on! While there, a teacher in a uniform came over and asked if I remembered him?? Ahh, no, but he looked familiar. His Dad, Bob Schank, was the Fire Chief of our East Naples Fire Department for many years and then when he retired, he volunteered at Lely High School. He loved that school and the kids loved him! His son, Robbie Schank, is the Men’s Soccer Coach at Lely High School! The love for the area keeps on coming, now through the families! So, if you, or an organization wants to hold a fundraiser for the many needs at the High School, they’ll be waiting for you! 



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