Friday, October 15, 2021

Royal Poinciana Trees in Full Bloom



One of the gifts of summer has arrived. The royal poinciana tree, with its beautiful red canopy, makes its presence known in Southwest Florida around this time every year. So why not hop in your car and enjoy a few hours discovering some of the beautiful trees that are within a half hour or so of your home?

There are easily 100 or more royal poinciana trees right here on Marco Island. Just about any street will lead you to a beautiful example.

Take a ride through the estates and you’ll find a number of the flamboyant trees as you



weave through the hills. San Marco, Sheffield, Hawaii, Barfield, Winterberry, Pelican and too many other roads on the island to mention have Royal Poinciana trees of all shapes and sizes.

In fact it is said that the tree, which has its roots in Madagascar, is now more common in Southwest Florida than in its homeland.

The fishing village of Goodland has a number of pretty royal poinciana trees, including the one at Stan’s that is coming back strong after being aggressively pruned a couple of years ago. The trees are especially picturesque in conjunction with Goodland’s quaint charm.

A beautiful 35-minute

Photos by Scott H. Shook

Photos by Scott H. Shook

drive to Everglades City will afford you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful royal poinciana trees you’ll see anywhere. On Storter Avenue alone you can view a number of beauties, including one that is thought to be 100 years old.

Of course Naples is also noted for their royal poinciana trees. Take a ride down 5th Avenue toward Gulfshore Boulevard and you’ll see a number of pretty trees.

The good news is that the trees stay in bloom for a month or more. So why not get out there today and enjoy some of the most beautiful trees in the world.

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