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Rotary Club Hosts Marco Island’s First Annual Flags for Heroes Celebration

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A spectacular display of nearly 300 American flags will be flown at the corner of San Marco Rd and Sand Hill St adjacent to the YMCA Parking lot from February 14 – 19. Each flag honors a hero from every walk of life: Veterans, our Military, Healthcare Workers, Police Officers, Family Members, Volunteers, Teacher, Care Giver, Friend, Sweetheart… Generous community members, businesses and clubs have sponsored these flags and this event. The net proceeds go to meet our community’s critical needs. 

Join Your Friends & Neighbors to Celebrate President’s Day 

The Opening Ceremony will begin promptly at 5 PM, Monday, February 15th. Parking is in the YMCA parking lot off Sand Hill St. Highlights of this patriotic ceremony will include Color Guard, Star Spangled Banner, Fly Over by Mick Thorstenson, Navy Commander for 23 years, special moving Flags History video, playing of Taps by Craig Greusel… followed by tour of the flags. The expansive site allows for safe social distancing and masks are requested. Don’t miss this moving patriotic event. 

Thank you to our Flags for Heroes Event Sponsors & Flag Sponsors for Supporting our Community and to our Heroes for Their Service


Marco Island Yacht Club Honors its Veteran Members & Family Members 

  • John Basic, Navy 
  • Ken Bilbrey, Navy 
  • Heyward Boyce, Navy 
  • Robert E Boyle, Army 
  • Neil Bretthauer, Army 
  • Bob Colangelo, Army 
  • Jeff Comeaux, Army 
  • John Curtis, Army 
  • Stuart Curtis, Army 
  • Bob DeFeo, Army 
  • Don Deganutti, Army 
  • Rachelle (Shelly) Derrough, Navy 
  • Tom Dines, Navy 
  • Russell Doeringer, Army 
  • Chuck Downton, Navy 
  • Wayne Foster, USAF 
  • Pete Frazier, Army 
  • Michael Hannafan, Army 
  • Jim Heckenlaible, Army 
  • Dick Irwin, Army 
  • Herb Jermanok, Navy 
  • Tom Jobe, Army 
  • John Kendall, USAF 
  • Jim Lavery, USAF 
  • Ronald Leach, USAF 
  • Tom McCabe, Army 
  • Dan McElaney, Navy 
  • Pat McKeever, Army 
  • Don Mills, Army 
  • Geoff Muther, Army 
  • Robert Ness, Army 
  • Dick Pantano, USAF 
  • David Randall, Navy 
  • George Riddiford USMC 
  • Frank Rinker, Army 
  • Steve Roberts, Army 
  • Ray Rosenberg, Army 
  • Bernie Sergesketter, Army 
  • Henry Stanley, Navy 
  • John Steeves, Army 
  • Lawrence Thibodeau, Army 
  • Dick Traiser, USMC 
  • Frank Troha, Navy 
  • Geoff Walker, Navy 
  • Bob Winterhalter, USAF 
  • Kim Wright, Army 
  • Bruce Yarde, USMC 
  • Robert L Whamond, Navy 
  • Joseph Lowell Harlacker, Army 
  • Robert G Reim, Navy 
  • Jack Renaldi, Army 
  • Joseph Renaldi, Army 
  • Carmen J Sergi, Navy 
  • Vito A Pontarelli, Army 
  • Edward Gray, Army 
  • Milbert J Heckenlaible, Army 
  • Herman J Neisen, Navy 
  • Joseph Ceci, Navy 
  • John O Hennessy 
  • Robert E Atwood 
  • Jerry Tasker 
  • Florence Willits 

Jim Richards, Bill Young & Marco Island Police Foundation Honor Every Officer of the Marco Island Police Force 

  • Tracy Frazzano, Chief of Police 
  • Dave Baer, Captain 
  • Richie Stoltenborg, Captain 
  • Hector Diaz, Sergeant 
  • Paul Keys, Officer 
  • Jason Nachtrab, Officer 
  • Brian Hood, Sergeant 
  • Edward D’Alessandro, Reserve Officer 
  • George Guyer, Officer (SRO) 
  • Rod (Emilo) Rodriguez, Officer (SRO) 
  • Paul Ashby, Officer (SRO) 
  • Robert Sims, Officer 
  • Alan Brown, Reserve Officer 
  • Bill Miller, Reserve Supervisor 
  • Joshua Ferris, Officer 
  • Steve Gaskill, Reserve Officer 
  • Mark Haueter, Sergeant 
  • Zachary Kirsch, Sergeant 
  • Kyle Kreis, Sergeant 
  • Ryan Montgomery, Sergeant 
  • Robert Marvin, Officer 
  • Adam Nelson, Officer 
  • Jeff Stafford, Officer 
  • Lorenzo Smith, Detective 
  • Hunter Howell, Officer 
  • Angel Casabona, Officer 
  • Mark Huffor, Detective 
  • Allan Reyes, Officer 
  • Juan Monsalve, Officer 
  • Hans Schmid, Officer 
  • Edward Carey, Officer 
  • Alejandra Moreno, Officer 
  • Matt Gallup, Lieutenant 
  • Joseph Belardo, Officer 
  • Julie Pohutsky, Officer 
  • Mitchell Kelley, Officer 
  • William Prigge, Officer 
  • Richard McElroy, Officer 

Jim and Allyson Richards Honor Every Volunteer of AL’s Pals 

  • Bread Run Drivers 
  • Ron and Nancy McClay 
  • Mike and Gerry Richards 
  • Alisha Garcia-Pacheco 
  • Dave Richards 
  • Joe Richards and Brittany 
  • Michelle Richards 
  • Yesenia Plasencia 
  • Lorraine Corva 
  • Fab 4 from Our Daily Bread 
  • Our Daily Bread Volunteers 
  • Jim Richards 
  • Bob Richards and Sabria 
  • Steve Stefanides 
  • Greg Schneider 
  • Barb and Carmen Dasti 
  • Wanda and Gene Burson 
  • Samantha Kapre  
  • Kevin and Dianna Dohm 
  • AL’s Pals 
  • Tom and Lisa Mann 
  • Chief Mike and Barb Murphy 
  • Stan and Donna Niemczyk 
  • Chief Al Schettino 
  • Lee and Lauren Burgin 
  • Sally Richards and Evan 


  • Coastal Breeze 


  • Sandlin Team 


  • Tom Menaker 
  • John & Michele Dykema honor Chief Tracy Frazzano, Josh Ferris, Dr. Jim Mogan, Dr. Richard DeAsla, Dr. Zaheer Karim, Amy White, Debbie Bartman, John DeRosa, Dr. Harry Rubash, Dr. Deborah Dykema, Dr. Praveen Reddy, Adam Dykema 
  • Gulfstream Homes honor Carmine Joseph Conna, Chris Ghannam, Tommie Barfield Elementary School, Cid Alexander Fernadez, Max Licciardi Sr, Christine Lang (MICMS), John Fernando Johnston 
  • Alan & Linda Sandlin honor Sam “Big Daddy” Willits, Florence “Mom” Willits, Steve Willits, Prem Advani “Educate the Children”, Jim Richards, Pat Rutledge, Ron Rutledge, Lynne Minozzi, Gene D’Onofrio, Trish Blair, Dan Singer, Rusty Creighton 


  • Jeff and Annette Bertelson honor Dr. Heather Bertelson, George Bertelson, Dr. Hillary Tassin, Virgil Naber 
  • Durell Buzzini honors Pamela Aloupis, Jeffrey Orchard, Richard Kelley, Mackenzie Kelley 
  • Gorman’s Auto Service Center honors David A. Black, USN, Ensign Sean T. Gorman, USN, Timothy Gorman USN, Edmond T. Gorman, USN 
  • Darcie Guerin honors Edmond H. Guerin, Michael J. Riordan, Peter E. Guerin, Jennifer L. Riordan 
  • Wayne and Sue Haviland honor Wayne Haviland Sr, Marco Island First Responders, James Linguadoca, All Who Have Served in U.S. Armed Forces 
  • Dawn Henderson honors Travis Barry, Hyla Crane, Brandi Tramazzo, General Donald W. Henderson 
  • Roy & Kathy Hershberger honor Davide H Hershberger, Charles E Corso, Margaret P Hershberger, Leonara Corso 
  • Cindy Love-Abounader honors Brandon Love, Air Force- 2 flags, All the Vets on Marco, Marco Island Business Leaders 
  • Ron & Pat Rutledge honor Allyson Richards, Gary Landis, Linda Sandlin, Mary Sweetland 
  • Arne Sandberg honors Jill Sandberg, Charlie Sandberg, AJ Sandberg, Mary Ann Nimtz, Samantha Renard 
  • Jill Sandberg honors Arne Sandberg, Larry Schneider, Sandie Schneider, Marjorie Schneider 
  • Sandlin Team honors Florence Willits 
  • Kim & Donna Scheeler honor Dr. Patricia Poling, Jonathan Kling, Chief Operating Officer, NCH Healthcare System, Dr. Robert Folsom, Paul Hiltz, CEO NCH Healthcare System 
  • Gwyn Steiner honors George Abounader, Cindy Love-Abounader, Wayne Baker, WWII Vet, Craig Blume, Veteran, Rosemary Wick & William Baker 


  • Prem Advani honors Durell Buzzini, Linda Sandlin, Jeanne Advani 
  • Patricia A. Ames honors Clifford Ames, U.S Army, Daniel Zimmerman, MGS, U.S. Marines 
  • Litha S. Berger honors Tracy Frazzano, Chief of Police 
  • Timothy Butler honors Grace Joan Butler 
  • Linda Cassens honors Linda Sandlin, Mike Seigfried 
  • Marilyn A. Dahl honors Lt. James W. McHale 
  • Ann & Gene D’Onofrio honor the Marco Patriots 
  • Jan Drummond honors Walt Drummond 
  • Dennis & Kathleen Enstrom honor Joe Kennedy, U.S. Navy, Richard Enstrom, U.S. Marines 
  • Pat Ettensohn honors Patricia Rutledge, Bob Ettensohn, U.S. Army 
  • Rene Ford honors Steve O Carey, Emily Carey 
  • Fritzi Holmes honors Allyson Richards & John Ritchie 
  • John Kernan honors William Elkins 
  • Susan F. Kozlowski honors Richard S. Halper 
  • Sharon Lewis honors Harold C. Lewis 
  • Aspasia Little honors Jack Little 
  • Fred T. Lundin honors Mary C. Lundin, Captain, U.S. Army, Frederick T. Lundin, Sr. SSG, U.S. Army 
  • Marco Veterinary Hospital honors William Evans Rhinehart, U.S. Army Air Corps 
  • Barbara Markel honors W. Jack Markel 
  • Lynne Minozzi honors Marco Island Police 
  • Melanie & Roberto Mollo honor Travis Mollo, Brittany Mollo, Tara Mollo 
  • Michael & Deborah Passero honor James E. Passero, Ron D. Kennedy 
  • Phil Penzo honors Ron Rutledge, Wade Keller 
  • Susan Pernini honors Patricia Rutledge 
  • Michael Richards honors Allyson Richards 
  • Jan Riordan honors Gerard J Riordan, Alex A. Putnam, Roy T. Riordan 
  • Patricia Rutledge honors Ron Rutledge 
  • Linda Sandlin honors Alan Sandlin 
  • Sandlin Team honors Florence Willits 
  • Pat Schultz honors Sgt. Schultz, USMC 
  • Mike & Bonnie Seigfried honor LTC Scott Seigfried  
  • Benny Tincher honors R.B. Tincher 
  • Tenney Law, PPLC honors Derek Tenney 
  • Tom Wagor honors Lori Wagor 

With Deep Gratitude to our Flags for Heroes Event Sponsors & Flag Sponsors for Supporting our Community and to our Heroes for Their Service 

For a complete list of sponsors and heroes, check out the next edition of Coastal Breeze News or go to



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