Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Roll the Rock!

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When putting, most amateurs leave the ball short of the hole. When we watch golf on TV the pros very rarely leave the ball short, unless they do on the rare occasion miss hit the put.

In coming up short most amateurs just do not follow through on their put and stop the putter head as soon as the ball has been hit. This will make the ball skid and jump that little bit more before finally getting to a more consistent roll, end over end.

A great way of making sure you finish your putting stroke and hit through the ball (when practicing) is to not take a back swing with your putter. Start with the ball up against the face of your putter and push through the ball. Do not worry about a hole, just get used to the motion of finishing your swing through the ball. Keep your putter head low through the finish, which will help the ball roll more smoothly.

Try using a line on your ball to see how well you are rolling the ball. If you can keep the line straight this will mean the ball is rolling end over end, and not skidding and jumping as much, and will roll on a better line.

Ben Tilley is the Head Golf Professional at Island Country Club on Marco Island. Originally from England, Ben came to the U.S. to study at Martin Methodist College in Tennessee, where he earned a Sports Management degree. Ben, a PGA Class A Member, has been the 1st Assistant at Glen Riddle Golf Club, in Ocean City, Maryland, and at Cedar Hammock Country Club in Naples. He has been with the Island Country Clu b since 2016. To contact Ben, call 239-394-3151 or email

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