Sunday, October 24, 2021

River of Grass Greenway update



By Patty Huff 

CBN_A28-6The planned River of Grass Greenway will be a safe, non-motorized transportation and recreation corridor across the Everglades between Naples and Miami. It will provide opportunities for education, stewardship, and preservation of the environmental, historic, and cultural assets of this unique area. It will offer activities such as bicycling, walking, bird-watching, photography, fishing, etc. Addressing the needs of citizens, local businesses, governmental and tribal officials is crucial to the development of this unique greenway.

Currently, a Feasibility Study and a Master Plan are being developed, and a new interactive website is now available online for the public to make comments ( The first public workshop is scheduled for January 29 through February 2, 2013, at Edison State College, 7007 Lely Cultural Parkway, in Naples. Additional workshops will be held in Everglades City and Miami. It is important to have the public’s input at this stage in developing the Master Plan. For more information, call Patty Huff at (239) 695-2397 or visit

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