Monday, January 24, 2022

Response to John Arceri’s LTE

Mr. Arceri,

I object to your characterization of Howard Reed, and would truly like to understand how you have determined that he is hurting our city.  You accuse him of a desire to make the council look dysfunctional.  Trust me, this council is plenty dysfunctional because of your 2 favored candidates, Grifoni and Honig.  I never imagined how 2 seemingly intelligent men could try so consistently to berate and harass, only because Howard would not do their bidding.  (Or was it your bidding, Mr. Arceri?)

You claim to have worked hard to get Howard elected.  So did I.  Interestingly, I do not recall seeing you at one of Howard’s events or meetings, and I do not recall any contributions coming from you.  I guess you were working very much behind the scenes.  Why did you work for him?  What did you expect? I worked for Howard because I know him to be honest, intelligent, and a man of solid principles and values, and who wants nothing more than the best possible outcomes for Marco Island.

Howard is not hurting Marco Island despite what you state.  And the city desperately needs more members on the council who think for themselves and do not blindly follow some silly self-appointed kingmaker.  Your day is past, Mr. Arceri.  Thank God you are no longer on our city council.

Pat Molloy

Marco Island

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