Sunday, October 24, 2021

Response to Brenna



The nearly three column dissertation by Judy Brenna cannot go unanswered, for its premise, evident in the last paragraph. Obviously, her main point was to impress us with her vast knowledge, albeit much of it Ideological claptrap, of history of the world. Her points are well taken, but some are lacking in factual nature.

Jeff Sessions met with the Soviet Ambassador at a meeting of more than 50 Diplomats. He had, as a member of the Senate Armed Service Committee, delivered the key note speech to a large audience that included the diplomats. Not secretly.

The Soviet Ambassador DID Come to Sessions Office when he was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Not secretly.

AG Sessions, during his confirmation hearings, fell for Charlie Dimwit, aka Senator Al Franken, the former comedian whose intent was to trip him up. (I too can use ideological claptrap when it suits me, as did Ms. Brenna.) As a journalist with 35 years’ experience covering Congress and the White House, I know a trick question when I hear it.

Donald Trump HAS NOT presided over the slaughter of 6 million Jews, therefore, to compare him to Hitler is something anyone with class would not do.

Donald Trump was not my candidate, but he is my President, duly elected as the constitution provides. Ms. Brennan’s letter, while containing some things we all heard, is so full of hatred and vituperation, she owes your readers an apology, and so do you for printing a three column hate letter.

David Rush
Marco Island

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