Saturday, November 27, 2021

Rescued Hound Dog Mothers Rescued Coyote Pups

Millie had been waiting to be adopted at the Humane Society Naples for 7 months. She was rescued from Labelle Animal Control by the staff the Humane Society Naples. Little did this 6-year-old Plott Hound know she would soon be helping four other rescued canines. And these would be no ordinary canines. This summer, Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens took in four coyote pups that had been found at the abandoned Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater, Florida. Millie is now serving as an assuring role model providing the comfort and security of a maternal figure for these young coyotes.

Naples Zoo and the Humane Society Naples have previous experience adopting a dog for unusual situations. Just over a decade ago the Zoo adopted a dog named Crystal as a companion for a young tiger. The two got along famously. Once the tiger was mature enough, Crystal then became friends with the Zoo’s Australian dingo with whom she still lives.

Michael Simonik, Executive Director for the Humane Society Naples, states, “Millie’s mothering instincts makes her a perfect match to help wild canines adjust to domestic life at the Zoo. We are confident that the Zoo staff will give Millie a wonderful lifelong loving home as they did with Crystal. Millie found a second chance at life comforting her wild cousins.”

All the pups have taken to Millie quickly and are becoming the pack everyone hoped they would be. Best of all, two of the coyotes that were a little shy have already taken great security in Millie’s presence. The coyote pups (Gunther, Cody, Dakota, and Maya) can be seen daily in the morning feature show in the Safari Canyon Open-Air Theater. Education staff members bring out two a day onto the naturalistic rockwork stage. Most mornings, Millie can also be seen joining them as well.

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