Thursday, January 20, 2022

Renewing ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’



Body, Mind And Spirit
Laurie Kasperbauer

Mind, Body and Spirit’ indeed! Dianne Saywell explores, embodies, enjoys and fortunately shares her experiences of mind, body and spirit with everyone she comes in contact with.

I’ve know Dianne for only 18 months, but her influence has altered my life path, challenging me both physically and spiritually through yoga, and it is with her blessing (and guidance and encouragement) that I am able to share my own thoughts and perceptions with regard to the trilogy of peaceful living…That is, the flow between the mind, the body and the spirit.

So, as Dianne opens the door to a new life experience, (where she will no doubt touch an entire new population of eager newbies who didn’t even KNOW they were seeking the enlightenment she provides), I will step into just a corner of the space she once occupied and hope to keep you — the reader — if not informed then maybe entertained.

For the first 50 years of my life, I lived in a beautiful little town in the rural landscape of Iowa — a really special place to raise a family, own a business and live a full life. My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take a vacation every winter, and most years our destination of choice was Marco Island. I remember my first trip over the Jolley Bridge in the early 1990s. The high rises in the distance, the water below and the lush green of the landscape were instantly stored as my “go-to” memory when I needed a day-dream escape for the next 20 years. The idea of ever having the luxury of living on this tropical, enchanted island was just “eye candy” for my mind. Until it happened.

It was opportunity, luck, determination and a touch of wanderlust that landed us here as full-time residents. From living in the same town for half a century — the same house for 27 years in a comfortably established life — we decided to move some 1,700 miles from family, friends and familiar, and although we frequently “go back” to visit, we haven’t “looked back” with regret. In fact, we have embraced our new found home and absorbed it’s salty air and sandy surfaces with gleeful enthusiasm.

So, it’s with new-found energy of mind, body and spirit that I come to you. Grasping the opportunity to share, reflect, relate and explore experiences that will, if we allow, touch us and teach us that the peace we seek is within.


Laurie Kasperbauer is an active Florida Realtor specializing in properties in Naples and Marco Island. Laurie also enjoys the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice and instructs both group and private classes.


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