Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bath?




Gary & Sandy Elliott

B15-CBN-4-3-15-7The kitchen and bath remodeling industry hit an all-time high in 2014 of three hundred billion dollars nationally. On Marco Island last year 615 permits were issued for condo remodeling work. According to the city’s web site, licensed General or Building Contractors are required to do remodeling work in condos. Most of the Condo Boards require you to follow all of their remodeling rules and guidelines as well.

2015 is a year of dramatic change! Sophisticated technology is the new shining star for renovated kitchens and baths. All of our daily tasks will be assisted and enhanced by new state of the art smart appliances, automation, voice recognition and LED lighting. The new models offer more touchless mechanisms, voice activation and computerization. This includes refrigerators that open and close themselves, dishwashers and lighting that turn on an off with voice commands and improvements in induction cook tops, microwave drawers and refrigeration drawers and cabinets.

The demand for more contemporary styling continues. Architectural designs featuring sleek shapes, smooth curves and clean,



crisp and tailored lines are a strong trend and are shaping the market place. Cabinetry has less ornate details. Vanities have straighter lines, offer more unique storage options and can often be seen floating off the floor with lighting below. Wood floors and simulated wood look tile in coastal colors are popular. Toilets, sinks and faucets have become sleeker with finer silhouettes.B15-CBN-4-3-15-9

This dramatic increase in streamlined décor combines well with designs featuring weathered wood, natural finishes combined with lacquer, acrylic and textured surfaces. This look’s popularity means greater use of natural color palettes, with the current frontrunner being a soft white and gray color scheme with a pop of color. White and painted cabinets are also seeing renewed popularity as are unique vessel sinks.

The desire for a beautiful spa like retreat for the Master Bath continues. It is all about a quiet and peaceful place to start and end the day. People want to unwind and soak in a comfortable free standing tub or enjoy a pampering steam bath in a well-designed



luxury shower. For showers without steam, a zero entry with a no door option is gaining popularity for its ease of use and maintenance. Showers are larger and more luxurious than in the past.

There is a great deal of interest in pure white countertops as well as pale greys and charcoal. Quartz and other high tech ultra-compact surfaces are emerging as the new stars. These materials have technical characteristics similar to granite, very dense, durable and resistant to heat and stains. They are very pure in color with little variation. This newer monotone aesthetic is quieter, feels very new and fresh and does appeal to a wide audience.

The luxe look of neutral marbles and look-a-like tiles are currently in high demand and have strong consumer interest. Marbles like Thassos and crème of marfils featuring whites, greys and creams are classics that are popping up in all kinds of walls, floors, kitchens and bath installations. These stones do require more maintenance and are not as dense as granite or quartz. However they do make a natural timeless statement and have been around for thousands of years.

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