Monday, December 6, 2021

Remember the Record

Letter to the Editor

After reading the endorsement of Jared Grifoni by Larry Honig, it seemed there was also a proposal to justify an increase in the salary of our Councilors. I would contend that many citizens are not proud of certain aspects of individuals associated with our government. Indeed, many citizens might consider $6000 an extravagant waste. 

Attributes of “remarkable and selfless service” would indicate altruism, but sometimes it appears accomplishments are magnified as with the Starter Burrow Incentive Program. He cannot act like the owl and bury his head in the sand for the Niblock debacle and resulting vote of no confidence. His outcome would have enabled an individual who made unwelcome advances on a woman remain as City Manager. The Mercer Group was critical of his leadership during a failed city manager search indicating there was an orchestrated attempt to steer the election towards a specific candidate. 

I take issue with the statement Jared Grifoni “exemplifies the future of Marco Island in every respect” as petitions signed by registered voters as opposed to public comments from individuals not residing here do not support the sale of recreational marijuana. 

It is difficult to consider the most recent flare-up on the dais by Jared Grifoni directed to Bill Greichen as “calm” and “steady.” “Steel-eyed” can be complimentary, but not when it is harsh or threatening. 

Let me assure anyone reading this that I am aware that the views I have shared will not be accepted by all, but Larry Honig’s endorsement might not produce the expected results either. Truthfully, this is not a personal attackit is an expression of freedom of speech which was a treasured belief of our Founding Fathers.  

Marco Island voters should enter the privacy of the voting booth and pray for discernment while remembering the record. 


Regina L. Dayton 

Marco Island, Florida 

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  1. Arleen Harris says:

    I honestly thought it was an unpaid position. They should not receive a salary. It should be considered something that one volunteers to do on behalf of Marco Island……I don’t feel they should get a raise at all and I am wondering how much they make. If it was stated, I did not see it….but I just think it should be a volunteer position. I could be wrong.

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