Thursday, October 21, 2021

Recker Announces Candidacy



I am proud to announce that I will be seeking another term on the City Council of Marco Island. I wish to continue to work with my colleagues on Council to develop and implement even more positive changes in our community, such as those realized over the past four years.

Several of our accomplishments include greater transparency within City Hall with live television broadcasting of most all governmental meetings, improved citizen access to, and service from, City government (both physically and electronically), the implementation of citizen oversight committees, prudent fiscal management, improving the role and direction of our city manager, and incorporating computerized mobile police technology for enhanced crime prevention and response, while elevating the capabilities of our Fire-Rescue Department, just to name a few.

I am proud that my colleagues elected me Vice-Chairman of Council for two consecutive years and Chairman the following year. Council also publicly acknowledged me as having a vital role in resolving the long pending asbestos related disputes with the EPA with no fines being paid by the City, while simultaneously receiving written confirmation from the EPA that our grounds were environmentally safe.

I have participated in hundreds of decisions on City Council since 2008, and my penchant for a thorough analysis of all issues and less government is well established.

I would like the opportunity to capitalize on the experience I have gained and to continue the documented progress and improvements in our local government and community for the next four years.

                                             — Frank R. Recker, June 28, 2012

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