Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Reception and Exhibit for Anthony Dallmann-Jones

Waterfront Studios & Gallery, a nine-artist pod (one of three such store-front galleries housing 17 artists) at the Esplanade on Smokehouse Bay, will host the reception and exhibit for Anthony Dallmann-Jones, one of its resident artists. The exhibit will be up for one week beginning February 11.

Dr. Dallmann-Jones, a Marco Island resident and former gallery owner from Madison, Wisconsin, creates with a most unusual method of painting with acrylics on canvas. His raw canvases are washed in the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes several times in the process, then painted (partly) while wet on the shore using sand and organic matter “ground into the painting” – along with acrylics and “Marco sun, wind and shore “. Then re-immersed (“as many times as it takes”) and dried in the sun. It is then worked on several times back in the studio with his patented process. The paintings are mounted and suspended in mid-frame, seemingly floating in air. With their irregular shapes and colors, textures and forms, they almost take on an animal skin or parchment appearance, rather than stiff canvas. How they appear to hang in midair – yet are solid – is a “trade secret” Dr. Dallmann-Jones says.

“The reason I have come up with this unusual method I call the Marco Island Organic Series is because I had been searching for a way of proving with action – not just words – that abstract art is about “passion” This “weird” approach makes perfect sense when you realize there is no more powerful way to get “intimate” with the medium than this. When you have one of these paintings you literally own a piece of Marco Island beachfront property! Perhaps a deed should be attached?

Waterfront Studios & Gallery at the Esplanade will host a different artist show every Thursday, beginning February 11th for eight weeks (excluding the last Thursday of the month). ACE has also begun a monthly ‘Last Wednesday Art Walk’ on Marco. Check our website

Here is the full schedule of all Waterfront Studios & Gallery ‘One (Wo)man Shows’, at the Esplanade on Marco Island Florida (Artist Receptions are Thursdays, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.):

February 11 – Tony Dallmann-Jones
February 18 – Tracy Gudgel
March 4 – Sandy Howe
March 11 – Bill Mosely
March 18 – Maggie DeMarco
April 1 – Claire Keery
April 8 – Carolyn MacAndrew
April 15 – Phyllis Pransky
April 22 – Pat Perrotti

Individual shows are up for one week – reception at the beginning. We take all credit cards, and we ship anywhere! What else can we do to hang our art in your home or office?

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