Monday, October 25, 2021

Reasons to live here




Joanie Fuller

I am always getting questions about Goodland. Folks are curious about this place and about how I got here. I have even been asked by some, “Why would anyone want to live in Goodland?” I have thought about that question and when one of my readers recently told me she always looked forward to what I say, this time I thought I would say, “I love living in Goodland!”

I came from a big city – Atlanta – and then Naples, and although I loved my life in both those places, I have found that a smaller community has many benefits which you don’t appreciate until you live in one. But some who have never been here or heard rumors about this place with just a few hundred folks, can’t possibly imagine living in a tiny community with no grocery store.

But, guess what? Our grocery store is just four miles down San Marco Road.  The trip is so much

dance. Pat Albee and Dave Fuller dance at Stan’s.

dance. Pat Albee and Dave Fuller dance at Stan’s.

easier that the one I had in either Atlanta or Naples – no traffic lights and only one stop sign. What could be better?

I have alluded to other reasons for living in Goodland before, but they can never be mentioned too many times.

One thing is for sure. There isn’t another place anywhere near here that you can walk from your house to a place like Stan’s and dance your heart away on a Sunday afternoon.  How fun is that?

Even the buzzards love it here – they can’t wait to see the Buzzard Lope dance every January during the Mullet Festival!

My new acquaintance, Lynne Eldridge, has explored all over Florida with her husband, Dana. She finds Goodland to be diverse and a little funky. She feels we have a sense of community and freedom here and she is absolutely right, isn’t she?

Some of my friends came over this week to roll plastic forks and knives in napkins for the upcoming pancake breakfast which will be held

Plasticware rolling party for the Pancake Breakfast. Photos by Joanie Fuller

Plasticware rolling party for the Pancake Breakfast. Photos by Joanie Fuller

Saturday and Sunday, January 26 and 27. Only small communities have that sort of camaraderie anymore. So I thank Linda Van Meter, Pat Albee, Agatha Norton, Kasey Knoebel, Lynne Eldridge, Sonia Miller, Anna Popour and Ellen Hall for being so helpful. And you know what? They enjoyed the time we spent together.  That is the true Goodland way.

Some have told me they love the nature here. We do feel like a Florida Key. We can fish, kayak, watch the osprey, enjoy our parks, ride golf cars around to visit each other or go to the Little Bar,  the Marco Lodge, Stan’s, the Post Office or one of our two marinas.

And we have such diversity –we have all ages and quite a variety of backgrounds in our residents. All of these things combine to make a fascinating, meaningful spot in our great country.

Try it. You might like it.


Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 48 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.

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