Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Reaching Out to Those in Need

For some around Marco Island the trek to enjoy Thanksgiving may have involved getting on an airplane, jumping on a train or even piling into their cars and driving to meet up with family and friends. Some may have taken advantage of many of the fine restaurants on and around Marco, while others may have family and friends join with them at their homes.

Each meal consists of two servings.

However, for some the holidays are a time of loneliness and isolation. That is especially true for the elderly who no longer have family and friends surrounding them during these special times of the year.

Recognizing this need at this special time of year, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and Meals on Wheels joined with the Christmas Island Style Committee to assist those with their special needs and helped to provide 49 meals for those not so lucky as to be able to venture out and about.

The meals where cooked and packaged by a wonderful group of volunteers who were assembled by Allyson Richards, a member of the Christmas Committee. Each packaged meal consisted of at least two days of delicious traditional Thanksgiving goodies.

The delivery drivers met at the Donna Fiala Community Center located in East Naples and collected their normal delivery of food stuffs, along with the two-day Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday morning, and ventured out into the East Naples/Marco community.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a Catholic outreach organization which concentrates their efforts on service to those in need, and especially the elderly. The group works tirelessly on the program known as Meals on Wheels. They also do home visits to insure the most vulnerable of our society are safe and in good health.

The work done by them is not only centered on the elderly but includes families and children in their scope of service. Last year alone they provided services to 15,000 men, women and children in the Naples area. Case workers are assigned to them as they seek to determine the types of services they may need and make every effort to aid. Those needs may include food, hygiene, housing, furniture and clothing. 

The Society also runs a thrift store located in East Naples on 41 across from the Town Center Shopping Plaza. They relocated to that location after their former home on Davis Boulevard was seriously damaged as a result of Hurricane Irma. Sales from donations of goods from that store are used to assist the Society in providing their services.

You may visit their website to see how you might assist in their mission of charity helping those in need by going to www.svdpnaples.org


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