Saturday, December 4, 2021

Randy Wayne book signing

By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

In a string of bestsellers, Randy Wayne White has created one of the most vivid and enduring leading characters in Doc Ford, a man who fights with both brains and brawn. White’s 19th Doc Ford novel, CHASING MIDNIGHT (G. P. Putnam’s Sons; On Sale: March 6, 2012), tackles the little-known but increasingly important controversy surrounding the fishing of sturgeon and other fish in the region—and how there are many in the world who would kill to get their hands on the incredibly valuable eggs that fuel the billion-dollar caviar trade.

The story began peacefully enough, on one of Florida’s private islands. At a reception hosted by a notorious Russian black marketeer, Doc Ford uses darkness, and his friend Tomlinson as cover to get an underwater look at the billionaire’s yacht. By the time he surfaces, everything has changed. Environmental extremists have taken control of the island. Or are they thugs hired by the Russian’s competitors? Whatever the motives, they have herded everyone together, and threaten to kill one hostage every hour unless their demands are met – at which point they will just blow everybody up. Electronic jammers make communications with the outside world impossible. The only hope of avoiding terrible consequences: the militants do not know Ford’s capabilities, or that he is still on the loose. But that situation won’t last for long…and the clock is ticking….

Wednesday, March 7, 4:00 PM, Sunshine Booksellers, Marco Island, Fl.

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