Monday, October 25, 2021

Question Mr. Cosgrove

I attended the event staring Donna Fiala and Steve Cosgrove at the South Regional Library June 13th and all I can say is if Mr. Cosgrove believes in fiscal responsibility now is the time for him to withdraw from the race for County Commissioner. He is wasting his own money as well as Donna Fiala?s. Mr. Cosgrove seems to be a very nice person, but he is challenging the wrong person. The room of about 200-250 people was packed with Donna Fiala?s supporters and hardly a person appeared in support of him. Donna got all the applause at every turn, and the standing ovation, that Mr. Cosgrove asked for, at the conclusion of the event.

A good example of answering the questions was when both were asked how many times they have been to Marco Island. I did not hear Mr. Cosgrove answer the question, and no one else I?ve asked did either, while Donna provided plenty of evidence of her knowledge not only of Marco Island, but her entire district. My question to Mr. Cosgrove would have been: Hideaway Beach is losing a very serious amount of sand threatening two large condo buildings. Despite the ramblings of Mr. Henning recently to the contrary. If those buildings were to be condemned due to water, or structural damage from the Gulf waters, the revenue lost to Marco Island and Collier County would be significant, yet you never bothered to investigate the situation one time. Why not? Donna has visited the site at least six times this year alone, probably more.

Mr. Cosgrove, don?t let your allegiance to Georgia Hiller make this election a fiasco. Also, don?t allow your overwhelming support in Naples/North Naples dupe you into believing you have the support in District 1. You saw yourself, you don?t have a chance against Donna who is loved and respected throughout all of District 1. Call it quits.

LtCol Bill Howey USMC (Ret) Marco Island.

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