Sunday, October 24, 2021

Quattro Mani Event at Marco Prime

Marco Prime recently held a “Quattro Mani” (Four Hand) wine and food seven-course dinner tasting event.

The dinner event was created by two chefs, Francesco Carvelli, from Marco Prime, and award-winning guest chef from Italy, Antonio Biafora. Chef Biafora worked with celebrity chefs in Italy, and Michelin star restaurants. And one of the rising culinary stars in Calabria, Italy. 

The wine for this event was selected and presented by Paolo Librandi, the biggest winemaker from Calabria region. Librandi wines have won many Wine Spectator awards and are very well-known both in the United States and internationally.

All of the chefs, wine and food represented the Calabria region of Italy, the region where the Carvelli Family is from.

Marco Prime is located at 599 S. Collier Boulevard, Marco Island. For more information call 239- 389-2333 or visit

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